The Idea and Practice of Education in a Digitally Globalised Era

AKU-IED Public Lecture Series

December 9, 2020
5:00 pm-6:30 pm | Karachi

Institute for Educational Development

The recent heightened use of technology for education has made many old and new questions a matter of urgency. What do we mean by education in a digital era? Will learning become genuinely egalitarian or will the existing divide over opportunities get worse? Will the increased use of technology make students smarter as well as more compassionate? Or, will this perpetuate routinisation? You are invited to join us in exploring some of these questions and, more importantly, to draw attention to all of them and more.

Speakers' Profile:

Professor Michael J. Reiss
Professor of Science Education, Institute of Education, University College London

Michael is Professor of Science Education at University College London, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and Visiting Professor at the Universities of York and the Royal Veterinary College. He was the former Director of Education at the Royal Society and is a member of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. Professor Reiss has written extensively on curricula, pedagogy and assessment in science education.  He has directed a very large number of researches, evaluation and consultancy projects over the past twenty-five years funded by UK Research Councils, Government Departments, charities and international agencies. 

Dr Nishat Riaz
Director, Education British Council

Nishat is managing the British Council’s education work in Pakistan with whom her association spans over one and half decades. She is on governing boards of several development agencies and is a mentor to many women leaders. Dr Riaz has played a pivotal role in forging strong institutional partnerships between the UK and Pakistan in school improvement, skills development, higher education, and scholarships. Her passion and work for education has taken her around the globe, speaking, writing, chairing and advocating the case of access to and success of education.

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