PGME Annual Conference 2019: Tawazun

Striking the right balance

September 20-22, 2019

Medical College

The annual PGME Conference has, over the years, matured into a very well attended event by anyone and everyone related to medical education. The prime objective of the conference is to provide its audience, an opportunity to listen to and interact with national and international experts in the related field.  

The theme of this year's conference is Tawazun and focuses on striking the right balance. There will be ample opportunities for participants to showcase their work through oral presentations, moderated posters and poster presentations. See the complete programme here.

About the theme: What is work-life balance in academia?
Being a scholar and physician is a rewarding career that offers opportunities for growth, compassion and lifetime learning. However, it requires us to carefully regulate motivation, work ethic and practice effective time management. Very often academics feel that a proper work-life balance is incompatible with a shining career.

As professionals, we strive for work-life balance and some sense of mutual fulfilment for our professional and personal lives. For trainees, expectations for a successful career often translates into the concern that they should work all the time and constantly do more making it difficult to rationalize and create time away from professional activities. Not surprisingly, early career faculty are especially at risk of burnout.

Research suggests that the happiest faculty (professionals) are those who have a sense of control over their work and schedules and have support within their institutions (Kinman & Jones, 2008). 

This year’s conference aims to:
  • Create awareness about the importance of work-life balance
  • Identify issues all trainees face with creating work-life balance
  • Highlight ways to address issues at a personal and organizational level
  • Bring forward practical methods of achieving Tawazun aka the perfect balance in daily life


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