7th AKU Annual Surgical Conference 

Surgical Research: Exploring our History – Navigating the Future ​

Clinical research is the cornerstone of innovation in the surgical discipline. Understanding and interpreting vial data through critical thinking and evidence-based practice are proven tools in the enhancement of methodologies, both inside and out of the operating rooms, and clinics. This has never ben truer, than in this post-pandemic world, where constructive research has now taken a major turn in day to day practice and has become a significant guide for planning and function. Although the basic principles of surgical education and research across the globe are almost the same, standards may vary between developed and developing countries due to many factors. 

Building off of the success of last year's first hybrid conference, the 7th AKU Annual Surgical Conference will explore tools and methodologies to improve surgical research, considering the availability of expertise, resources and technology, in low- and middle-income countries.  

This year, the theme of the confe​rence is 'Surgical Research: “Exploring our History – Navigating the Future“.

Learning objectives:​

  • Address the ethical approach to surgical research by using scientific data and reports.

  • Identify the research opportunities for trainees, both postgraduate and undergraduate.

  • Through surgical research, education, and advocacy, reposition the role of surgical research in public health.

  • Provide cutting-edge surgical research in evidence-based medicine that will impact loco-regional practice patterns with the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes. 

Organised by the AKU Medical College's Department of Surgery from February 11-13, 2022 in Karachi, the conference will bring together national and international experts, providing a platform to exchange robust ideas and learn from each other.​

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