Africa Regional Symposium on Character Development

October 24-25, 2018

Institute for Human Development

About the Africa Regional Symposium on Character Development
Character strengths and character development permeate all aspects of our humanity and personal growth. These attributes enable us to build harmonious, prosperous, and pluralistic societies. Because of their wide reach, thinking, research, and interventions to nurture and strengthen character traits lie at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation, the Africa Regional Symposium on Character Development brings together professionals from different fields to share their work and learn from one another.


The symposium’s overarching objective is to support research and intervention work on the continent. Under this umbrella goal, the two-day symposium aims to stimulate conversations with the potential to promote collaborative work across disciplines, institutions, and nations. The co-sponsors’ ultimate hope is for the event’s intellectual engagements to contribute to capacity-building on the African continent in the realms of research, interventions, and curriculum development.

The symposium has three operational objectives. 


  1. Introducing the Foundation’s funding programme on character strengths/development to professionals and organizations with interest in any aspect of research and practice on the subject. 
  2. Creating a forum for researchers to engage in networking and build collaborative relationships. 
  3. Providing guidance on how to apply for funding from the Foundation to support research and intervention work on the continent. 


We are hopeful that the presentations and participant contributions will both inspire and produce insights on research methodology, development and validation of measurement instruments; design of instructional curricula; and implementation of interventions outside school contexts.

Approximately 40 professionals will attend the symposium. They hail from at least 10 countries: Bahamas, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, and Zambia.

Sessions and Speakers
The symposium will feature keynote addresses, thematic panel sessions, conversational sessions for TWCF grantees to share their work, and a session during which officers of TWCF present the Global Initiative on Character Development and walk participants through the process and forms for submitting grant proposals.

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