Book Launch. The Trade in Papers Marked with Non-Latin Characters:

September 19, 2018
5:00 pm-6:30 pm | London

Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations

The Aga Khan Library, London, cordially invites you to the event The Trade in Papers Marked with Non-Latin Characters on the occasion of the launch of a new book by Anne Regourd on Wednesday 19 September, 2018.

A collective book initiated and edited by Anne Regourd approaches global history through the paper trade. It covers, in addition to a paper used in 14th C Persia, papers used in Africa (Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tunisia) and Asia (the Ottoman Levant, Mecca, Persia, Russia, and Yemen) during the 19th-20th C.

Primarily based on paper examination and quantitative data, the book invites us to treat papers as a source that could provide tools to determine the production of manuscripts in space and time for the area of interest. This methodology offers new insights on the competition between suppliers to the various markets particularly in respect of the emergence of import-export trading companies.

This lecture will be of particular interest to those who work on Paper Studies, Codicology, Catalography, and in the epistemology of the auxiliary sciences of History. 

Anne Regourd received her Ph.D. in Philosophy (1987). She is a Senior Researcher at the University of Copenhagen, ERC "Islam in the Horn of Africa", and an Associate at the CNRS, France. Anne Regourd has published extensively in the fields of History and Philology dealing with Codicology, Paper Studies, and Papyrology. She published the Catalogue cumulé des manuscrits de bibliothèques privées de Zabid (Yemen).

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