About Aspire Summer Internship Programme

The Aspire Summer Internship programme is designed as a stepping stone for young talent in to their professional lives. We work to empower our interns through an environment that challenges and enables. We aim to help you grow and teach you things that will enhance your personal and professional development. ​

Eligibility Critera

  • Eligible students must have completed at least two (2) out of four (4) years Bachelor's degree Program or have enrolled in Master's Program.

  • Students must have minimum 3.0 CGPA

Application Deadline

​Submit the application by May 31st 2023

Programme At A Glance




6 Weeks programme




​​Recruitment Process

recruitment timeline_96.png

An Opportunity for Career Exploration & Development 

Join the Aspire Summer Internship programme to create an Impact, through Quality contributions, 

for issues that are Relevant and offerings that are Accessible for the communities we serve.



"Throughout the 6 weeks, I was actively involved in interviewing, transcription and churning out stories from the participants testimonials. I was also involved in social media for EB, helping out with photography as well as videography."

​Maryam Ahmed, Intern
​AKU Aspire Summer Internship Programme

"I got the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of what I had learned in the classroom and got to apply it to real situations. I was able to gain insight into the organization and the impact of its contributions to the society, in the domains of healthcare, education and research, not just locally but also across the world."

​Sarah Batool, Intern ​AKU Aspire Summer Internship Programme

"The Aga Khan University's internship programme is an exceptional opportunity for interns to demonstrate their creativity, strategic thinking, and business acumen. The interns gain a profound understanding of their chosen fields and firsthand industry exposure. The programme's unique platform empowers interns to excel."

Ahmed Wasti, Facilitator ​AKU Aspire Summer Internship Programme

Contact Us

If you have any queries or need to get in touch,  please contact us at summer.internship@aku.edu.​​​​​​​