​O​perating Rooms

It is th​e first operating theatre suite in Karachi with integrated operating rooms offering quality health care services and surgical facility for patients, their surgeons and the teaching community locally and elsewhere in the region. Each integrated OR has centralised control of the environment and features include instant access to patient information, high definition pictures such as x-rays available on large screens, video capture and streaming of the procedure in real time and other systems. In addition, the ORs have many safety features against infections, reducing the risk of infection for patients​.

​​​Other Projects​​​​​​

​Neonatal​ Intensive Care Unit



Paediatric Intensive Care Unit



Jenabai Hussainali Sharif Building



Inauguration in

Septem​ber 2015

Functional area

8,200 sq ft


Three operating rooms

Six recovery rooms

Four-bed holding bay

Patient’s attendants waiting area​​​​​