​Safe Disclosure Programm​​​e

​​What is Safe Disclosure?​​

Safe Disclosure is defined as “the deliberate and voluntary disclosure of individual or organizational malpractice by a person who has or had privileged or accidental access to data, events or information about an actual, suspected or anticipated wrongdoing within the organization."

The Safe Disclosure policy is intended to encourage employees and others to make good faith reports of suspected fraud, harassment, corruption, health, and safety concerns within the University to the Safe Disclosure office. ​

Message from the Trustee, Dr Elizabeth Cannon

​As the oversight trustee for Safe Disclosure function, I encourage everyone to speak up against any kind of misconduct that they may witness. 

I would also like to commend all the brave individuals who have stood up and reported wrongdoings as they are the ones who help the institution to improve and strengthen its existing systems and controls. We all must work together to help AKU in uplifting its culture to the highest possible ethical standards.​


Message from the President

On June 23, 2022, World Whistleblowers Day was celebrated at the Aga Khan University, globally. 

The President emphasized on the importance of the Safe Disclosure process and appreciated the individuals who came forward and reported wrongdoings in good faith. ​​