​Sindh Technical Assistance - Development through Enhanced Education Programme (STA-DEEP)

A project seeking to provide support for the implementation of school clustering across 14 districts in Sindh, Pakistan

Duration: May-Dec 2022
Target area: Sindh
Funding organisation: ​​UNICEF
Implementing partners: AKU-IED and ​Sukkur IBA University, in close collaboration with Sindh Elementary & Literacy Department (SE&LD), Sindh Teacher Education Development Authority (STEDA) and PITE, regional directors, and district education officials.

Credits: Sukkur IBA University


The project focuses on the development of modules, training manuals, guidelines and templates and training headteachers, guide teachers, and subject coordinators, in selected clusters in Sindh province. 

Activities and Outcomes

Selected staff from SE&LD, STEDA and Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE) Sindh (PITE) will be provided with capacity building training, in return they will sustain the clustering initiative once it is rolled out at the provincial level ​​​using a cascading model. Major activities and intended outputs include:  

  • Conducting a training needs analysis
  • Developing/revising teacher training modules for pedagogy and subject areas
  • Developing guidelines and rubrics for school improvement
  • Conducting capacity building training for multi-tiered clustering approach
  • Supporting in development of cluster-based mentoring structures
  • Developing cluster-based mentoring strategy for province-wide rollout