​AKU-IED Conf​erences and Regional Dialogues

We ​organise national and international conferences on pertinent educational themes relevant to the developing contexts. These forums provide an opportunity to disseminate knowledge and exchange in a wider context. ​

School Improvement Programme (SIP) Leaders' Conferences

  • Impact of School Improvement Programmes: Issues Related to Impact Measurement, held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, October 2004
  • Integrating School Improvement Programmes into PDCs: What are PDCs?, held in Zanzibar, Tanzania, October 2003
  • Dissemination: Lesson Learnt from School Improvement Programme, held in Entebbe, Uganda, November 2002
  • Research and Documentation of SIP, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, October 2001
  • Sustainability of Professional Development, held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, September 2000
  • The role of School Head and Management in School Improvement, held in Karachi, Pakistan, November 1998
  • Re-professionalization for School Improvement, held in Karachi, Pakistan, November 1997
  • Working with Teachers, held in Karachi, Pakistan, November 1996
  • Initiatives for School Improvement Global Perspective, held in Karachi, Pakistan, October 1995
  • Sharing experiences of SIP initiatives within the Network, held in Mombasa, Kenya, November 1994