​Master of Philosophy in Education

​Our MPhil programme helps students build a strong research foundation enabling them to inquire about critical issues ranging from the core problems of classroom teaching and school leadership to concerns related to educational policy and governance. By the time of graduation, students are able to work as independent researchers with a sound understanding of research ethics and with general and specialist skills in research methodologies, academic writing and presentation. Under the supervision of our accomplished faculty, students develop a firsthand experience of creating usable​ knowledge to bridge the gap between theory, policy and practice and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders in the education sector.​​

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Life at AKU is not all about the classroom

​Here's what our students have to say about their experience of being​ developed 

​as leaders and posi​tive contributors to society.​​

Hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa – a terror affected area, AKU-IED through its MPhil programme equipped me with the art of questioning, critique and self-reflection that goes beyond academics. 

Afaq Ahmed, Class of 2019

"The research experience at IED empowered me to pursue my passion for pluralism and contribute to the body of knowledge in this particular area. I’ll always remember how satisfying it was to see students think about what it means to be a tolerant member of society."

​Munir Lalani, Class of '17

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"The programme deepened my understanding of educational problems, helped me build my research and leadership skills and become an advocate for women's education."

Shehnaz Bhutto, Class​ of '18


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