​​​PhD in Education​

The acute educational problems facing Pakistan and other developing countries need researchers who can ask critical questions, design innovative methods of inquiry and generate usable knowledge for scholars, education practitioners and policymakers. Our PhD in Education is designed for professionals who aspire to play such a role in improving the provision and quality of education.

The programme deepens students' understanding of educational problems and research needs in the developing world preparing them for leadership roles​. It enables students to conduct research to inform educational policies and practices in the developing world.​

​Our Alumni

Find out how our PhD programme has helped our alumni progress in their careers​ and
make a difference in the ​​communities and organisations they work for.

Dr Munira became an Assistant Professor ​​at IED after five years of her graduation. She is currently working as the Coordinator, Doctoral Programmes. 

Dr Munira Amirali, Class of '11​

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"The PhD experience at IED immensely strengthened my profile as a researcher. Building on this experience, I have worked as a lead researcher and a consultant for different institutions in Afghanistan. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at Kardan University, Kabul."

Hajee Parveen Roy, Class of ‘12

"Following his PhD at IED,  Dr Haji Karim stepped into higher education to teach as an Assistant Professor at the University of Baltistan."

Dr Haji Karim​​ Khan, Class of '09

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