​​Teaching License - A possible way to improve teacher quality in Pakistan​

Teachers are the single most important factor contributing to student learning outcomes. Good teaching plays a key role in ensuring that students remain the schools, while increasing economic productivity and good life outcomes for students. The below average performance of students learning outcomes in international and national ass​essment highlights the need to improve teacher’s quality.

AKU-IED began work on the teaching license policy in 2017, in partnership with Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA)! In 2021 we furthered this work by carrying out various national/international policy dialogues. We issued a White Paper in 2022- and in this effort, we were joined by Durbeen and STEDA to improve the professionalism and status of teachers, which would eventually improve students’ learning outcomes.

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Launch of the White Paper on Teaching Licen​se in Pakistan

​Wat​ch highlig​​hts from the event featuring our collaborating partners: Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority​ and Durbeen.​​

June 2022​

​As part of the effort, the team also organised seminars with guest speakers who deliber​ated on the key topic and shared their experiences and ideas on the same.​​​ Explore the links below to learn more about the event proceedings: