​Kazim Bacchus Research Seminars

T​he monthly Kazim Bac​chus Research Seminar (KBRS), named after the Founding Director of IED, is one of the dissemination forums where our faculty, students and education experts and researchers from reputed national and international higher education institutions share their knowledge. The seminar brings together faculty, students and participants from partnering schools, non-government organisations and ​universities to engage in intellectually stimulating dialogues.

Occasional and need-based seminars and workshops are also held by the Graduate Students Research Forum and Research Interest Groups at IED.​

Upcoming Seminar

After providing an overview of Einstein’s scientific work, guest speaker Muhammad Hamza Waseem will delve into other important aspects of his life and career that are often overlooked in academia. The focal points of the discussion will include Einstein's views on education, imagination, philosophy, scientific methodology, pacifism, nationalism, militarism, nuclear disarmament, social justice, and the social responsibility of scientists. Register now!​