​Creating Pathways for the Educational Success of Girls

This project aims to transform the educational opportunities of 11,000 girls in northern Pakistan using a holistic approach that addresses enrolment, retention, and achievement. 

Duration: 2019-2022
Target area: Chitral district (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Diamer district (Gilgit-Baltistan)
Funding organisation: Royal Norwegian Embassy (RNE) through Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan
Implementers: AKU-IED's Professional Development Centres in Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral


The project will adopt a range of interventions, which together will help remove barriers preventing girls from attending school, increase demand among communities and families, improve the supply of quality education, and importantly, empower girls themselves to manage these complex challenges through leadership and life skills.   

Activities and outcomes

  • Conducting a situation Needs Analysis of girls
  • Establishing school clubs for girls, covering literacy, numeracy, arts & crafts, leadership and life skills
  • Establishing mentorship opportunities to connect girls to role models within and around the targeted communities
  • Providing girls with regular health and nutrition checks and awareness-building sessions
  • Provision of learning resources to girls from poor households
  • Supporting academically talented girls to quality secondary schools for further education
  • Training parents and community members, including male members and religious leaders on the importance of girls’ education
  • Establishing Mother’s Groups to support girls’ education
  • Training teachers on learner-centred, gender-responsive inclusive education and strategies, focusing on English, Math, Urdu, Science and life-skills
  • Facilitating Communities of Practice within schools and clusters of schools; use of mobile platforms 

Our numbers so far…

  • In Chitral: 8151 students and 178 teachers in 94 schools have been supported 
  • In Diamer: 3028 students and 50 teachers in 50 schools have been supported