​​Promoting an Integrated Development Approach to Combat Climate Induced Displacement

A project aimed at rebuilding educational opportunities at a​ disaster-hit village through School Improvement Programme & Early Childhood Development Activities

Location: Immit Valley, Ghizer, Gilgit-Baltistan  
Duration: January-December 2024​
Funding Organisation: United Nations Office for Project Services through Aga Khan Foundation


  • Building the capacities of 79 teachers of 13 schools with specific focus on improving their knowledge, skills, pedagogies, and commitment to use educational resources to improve the learning performance of the students
  • Improving the educational conditions in the disaster-hit village by providing basic early childhood educational resources to the school
  • Providing a platform for 650 parent community to reinvolve them in the education of their children
  • Providing an environment to parents, teachers, and students in the school where they can interact socially and professionally and ease their depressions and sadness that will ultimately improve their wellbeing and will facilitate them to contribute to the educational performance of their children