​​Master of Education​

Our Master of Education (MEd) Programme is a well-designed blend of theory, practicum and research. It prepares reflective practitioners who can transform teaching, learning, assessment and leadership and management practices in educational institutions. ​Students are developed as exemplary leaders with a strong commitment to educational change. By the time of graduation, students develop a broader understanding of educational issues, are able to think global, and are ready to find innovative solutions to suit their unique local needs.​

The programme offers specialisations in:​

  • Teacher Education focusing on Science, Mathematics, English Language and Social Studies education;

  • Educational Leadership and Management; and

  • Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation.​


Graduates of this programme are working as teachers, teacher educators, school ​leaders, curriculum developers, monitoring, evaluation and assessment experts, educational development professionals and education entrepreneurs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Syria and other parts of the world. Building on the foundation that the MEd programme provides, some of our graduates have pursued doctoral studies at IED and renowned international universities. Most of these are working as faculty and leaders of higher education institutions, lead researchers, education consultants and policy advisors in developed and developing countries.

Why study this degree at IED?

  • ​As a flagship programme, MEd was developed in close collaboration with the Oxford University, UK and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Canada. It has gone through regular reviews by national and international experts in order to ensure that it incorporates new research-based knowledge, best practices and the changing priorities and needs of education. Students are an integral part of the review process to provide their feedback on the quality, relevance and effectiveness of the programme.

  • ​IED has an exceptional team of facu​lty​ with rich experience in teaching, research and development work. Many of them have served as consultants for various national and international development organisations, advised government and civil society institutions as part of their think tanks and have lead several key educational research projects as principal investigators.

  • Students get to organise and participate in national and international conferences and seminars at the University and IED. During these events, they work with and learn from education practitioners and organisations beyond IED.​


The MEd degree is accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.​

Student​ profile​

The programme attracts students with diverse religious​, social, cultural and geographic backgrounds from Pakistan and other developing countries. Most of our students are working teachers and teacher educators. Some are experienced school heads, educational administrators and managers who wish to refine their leadership and managerial skills. Others come with specific academic aspirations. Our students are enthusiastic to find creative solutions to add​​ress acute problems of access and quality in educational settings. Most of them want to be the catalysts for educational change empowered to use the potential of education to develop their communities.​​

​Programme structure

The MEd is a two-year full-time and four-year part-time programme, based on a total of 27 credits of coursework and 6 credits of original research. ​



Alumni Making a Difference

Find out how our MEd alumni have progressed in their careers and how are they are making an impact as
leaders, educators, and educational entrepreneurs in communities across Pakist​an and other parts of the world.

After completing her MEd, Tasneem returned to her Sc​hool. Watch how her initiatives have created a ripple of change in her school.

Tasneem Shabbar, Class of 98

Creati​​ng ripples

"Anjum Halai was a school teacher when she joined the MEd programme at AKU-IED. Twenty-four years later,​ she became the Vice Provost​​​ for​ Asia and UK​​​ at AKU​.​"

​Anjum Halai, Class of 95

Read her story

"Chang says his master’s degree at AKU-IED gave him the confidence to make a diff​erence in a struggling school.​​"

Ali Gohar Chang, Class of 07

Read his story

Faculty and research

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