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For practitioners, ​policymakers and families​

​​As part of our COVID-19 response initiatives, we are pleased to share with you insights from experts. We hope that these will help you in preparing better responses to the educational challenges of COVID-19.

​In the Media​​​

COVID 19: A paradigm shift in education​
Pamir Times | July 29, 2020
​​​​Besides so many negative effects, this crisis has provided certain opportunities to revisit our customary practices.​
COVID-19 pandemic: Media-based interventions and our responsibilities​
Pamir Times | July 21, 2020
​​​​We all need to play our role in making the media-based interventions for continuity of education successful.

Rethinking schooling​​​
​Pamir Times | July 15, 2020
​​​​The pandemic has exposed the gaps in our education system and also provided an opportunity to be innovative.
Fun with numbers​: A talk on FM Radio 88.6
FM Radio 88.6 | June 27, 2020
​​​​Essential strategies for making the teaching and learning of mathematics a ​meaningful experience.
COVID-19 and online home-based schooling: Hopes and realities
Pamir Times | June 23, 2020
​​​​Shifting from face-to-face to online education was not as simple as it was initially perceived. Even the developed countries found it difficult.
COVID-19: A blessing, a curse, or a break?
Pamir Times | June 17, 2020
​​​​Parents and children have become closer while staying at home and spending some quality time with each other.
COVID-19 lockdown: A paradigm shift in human lives
Pamir Times | June 13, 2020
​​​​COVID-19 has reminded communities in the ​mountain regions to rethink their traditional ways of parenting.
COVID-19’s impact on children’s learning: Possible alternatives
Pamir Times | June 11, 2020
​​​​One of the most important, yet a neglected issue is the psychological impact on children while they remain confined to homes.
COVID-19 and role reversals: Contextual challenges for school education in Gilgit-Baltistan
Pamir Times | June 7, 2020
A broad-based consortium is needed to find a comprehensive alternate mechanism to support the education and development of a child.