​​Certificate Courses

Our Certificate in Education programmes aim to improve the content knowledge and practices of in-service teachers, teacher educators, education managers while introducing them to non-traditional teaching methodologies, curriculum development and relevant educational issues. The programmes are of eight to ten weeks duration. Recently we have offered the following programmes:

Certificate in STEM Teaching and Learning

What does STEM mean and what makes it so unique? How can its instruction, learning, and assessments be planned for and implemented in Pakistani schools? Through hands-on and mind-on activities, this course provides an opportunity to explore the role of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in interdisciplinary and integrated STEM.

Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management

The course aims to enhance capacity of head teachers in Pakistan and in other parts of the developing world, by developing Indigenous Management Practices by focusing on local examples. It is envisaged that changing attitudes of head teachers will bring changes in their actions and practices. The programme's focus is to develop the critical understanding of practicing and aspiring head teachers as 'effective leaders' so that they are able to contribute creatively for the overall development of schools. ​

Certificate in Curriculum Mapping (NEW!)

Curriculum mapping is an effective tool for educators to align instruction with desired goals and outcomes. It allows teachers and school administrators to explore what is taught, how it is taught, and the alignment of learning standards with teaching. By using this mapping technique, educators can ensure that their students are receiving the best instruction possible by focusing on specific learning objectives. Additionally, curriculum mapping helps to identify gaps in instruction and create a plan for improvement.​

Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Development

The course is a learning opportunity for in-service and aspiring Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Practitioners to nurture happier, more confident child.​