​​​STEM and Digital Pedagogy

About STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Recently, STEM has gained attention at the national level as seen through various science fairs/STEM challenges. Through the formal launch of the National Curriculum for primary grades (SNC, 2020), STEM is now part of grades 4–8 general science curriculum. This has created an urgent call for improving science education through new educational approaches that focus on active learning, interdisciplinary, and contextually relevant aspects of STEM.

About Digital Pedagogies

The introduction of technology into education has accelerated significantly over the last ten years, with a marked increase during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to technology-based teaching and learning. However, this does not mean that technology integration has become part of education in a purpose-led, human-centered way. Many negative effects, such as unethical technology use, cyberbullying, and privacy concerns, have resulted from the rapid dependence on technology as a solution to educational problems.​​