Melaine D’Cruze 

Senior Manager, Strategic Planning and Operations 

​Melaine ​has an MA in Educational Planning, Economics and International Development from the Institute of Education, University College London. She also holds an MBA from Preston Institute of Management, Science and Technology, Pakistan. She is a committed lifelong learner and actively seeks out opportunities for professional development via online/F2F learning, thereby expanding her repertoire of skills. Her most recent learning achievement was the completion of a Certificate Programme on Disruptive Strategy from HBX Harvard Business School. ​

Her career in management spans a little over 2 decades and four industries: two schools, a multinational pharmaceutical, an international bank and an educational institution. The larger share of association has been with AKU-IED, P where she has served in the Open Learning Unit, which was the trailblazer for distance education in the field of teacher education; the eLearning Initiative/Team, which has now broadened its scope to meet the blended learning needs of the university; led the revival of the Professional Development Centre, Karachi, where she developed processes and procedures for the planning, marketing and delivery of continuing professional education programmes, thereby increasing the student numbers and visibility of the institution. Melaine currently serves as an innovation strategist and leads the development and implementation of the institute’s strategic planning and all matters related to the overall operations of AKU-IED, P. Her role also includes advising the Dean, faculty and staff on educational, research, outreach, budgetary, human resource, financial, IT, legal, resource development, alumni affairs and various other professional matters.