Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania the Institute for Educational Development is one of the leading centres in East Africa for providing diverse programmes designed for the professional development of educators and educational researchers.

With our cutting edg​e and regionally relevant research and leading academic staff, we work to develop and support the professionalization of teachers, educational leaders, managers and others working in the field of education in nurturing innovation and improving the quality of education in East Africa.

​​Developing Excellence

We are dedicated to ensure that our students are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to become leaders in the education career.

Our master's degree in education and our continuing professional development programmes through our Centre for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning are tailor-made for classroom teachers who are passionate about improving learning outcomes and have the desire to gain skills to advance in all aspects of the teaching process.

We bring working professionals together with a dynamic community of active professors, superior research and a dedicated student support.​

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