Master of Edu​cation

The Master of Education (MEd) programme is a one-and-a-half year, full-time programme, open to outstanding teachers and educational leaders at all levels of the education system. The programme provides clear theoretical frameworks and principles that support quality professional practice, equipping graduates to be exemplary teachers and educational leaders in a variety of contexts.​​

Students specialize in one of the following: Leadership and Practitioner specialization.

Core courses include Science of Education, Education Leadership and Management and Inquiry.

​​​Electives include: Citizenship Education; Sensitive Issues; Digital Literacy; Special Needs and Inclusive Education; Early Childhood Literacies; Education for Sustainable Development; Education Assessment Measurement and Evaluation;  Fundamentals of Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking; Organisational Theory; Gender in Education; Pluralism and Programme Evaluation and Management.

Students are required to go for a four-week practicum period in a school or other educational setting to enhance the link between theory and practice and will further undertake a research project which provides students with the opportunity to examine one particular area in depth and apply the research skills developed through this programme.​​​