​Centre for Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning

Centre for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL) is the community outreach arm of the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development, East Africa (AKU-IED, EA). The centre focuses on bringing together the existing and new certificate programmes, short courses, seminars and workshops as part of one professional development unit at AKU-IED, EA. It delivers programmes specifically designed to meet educational training needs across a range of subject areas that contribute to enhancing the capacity of various professionals to respond to educational matters effectively. This is made possible through collaborations with regional and national governments, as well as development partners, to develop needs-based and tailor-made programmes that have a direct positive impact on participants, their work, and their communities. Just recently, CELL has embarked on offering online courses that target a professional learning area or skill. This move is made because of the growing trend in online learning and preference by clientele.

2023 CELL Workshop

Teaching Mathematics for Conceptual Understanding ​​

Workshop Focus:

  • The Meaning Concept

  • The Meaning of Conceptual Understanding

  • Using Inductive Reasoning and Algebraic Reasoning to Teach Mathematics for Conceptual Understanding
  • Developing Mathematical Thinking Skills among Learners
  • Self- modeling of Using Inductive and Algebraic Reasoning for Conceptual Understanding


Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Managers and Heads of Pre and Primary Schools, Daycare Providers, Educators, Administrators and Practitioners in Pre and Primary Schools, Quality Assurance Officers, Tutors, Stakeholders in Education, etc.

October 16 - 20,  2023 ​

Salama House, 10 Urambo Street – Upanga. ​


CELL programmes support the development of professionals who work in education across the region, working towards raising quality by providing guidance and mentorship, transferring knowledge and skills, and developing expertise. The programmes are devised to be relevant, contextual, needs-based, and tailor-made and aim to create an impact where the participants are on the ground. Programme participants include pre-primary, primary and secondary school teachers, school principals, teacher educators, educational researchers and government officials working in education at local, regional and national levels, NGOs, development agencies, policymakers and educational leaders and managers.

CELL Program Highlights

Certificate in Education: Our certificate programmes are rigorous and can extend for up to 12 months. They follow a blended format, combining face-to-face delivery with self-study, a practicum and action research. This includes reflective practice, which is critical for a teacher’s development and leads to continuous and on-going professional learning.

Short Courses, Seminars and Workshops: Our short courses, seminars and workshops are tailor-made and need-based flexible programmes that are developed for individual organisations to meet specific requirements. The programmes deal with current issues in education and work with topics that impact the teachers and learners in the classroom today, such as What makes Active Learning ‘Active’ and the Use of Low Cost No Cost Resources for Teaching and Learning. They range from 1 to 3-day workshops to a short course that can last from between 1 week to a few weeks in duration.

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