​Centre for Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning

The CELL programmes focus on bringing together the existing and new certificate programmes, short courses, workshops and seminars in as part of a one professional unit within the Aga Khan University in East Africa. 

The short courses and workshops are need-based, tailor-made, flexible programmes, which are created around the requirements of your school or organisation and are of varying lengths to suit your purpose and organisational calendar.

These programmes are designed to be relevant, contextual and aim to create an impact where the participants are, on the ground. At the end of the Certificate in Education or the short course or workshops the course participants will have:

  • Increased knowledge, skill and expertise in their respective areas.

  • A commitment to cooperative working to be able to collaborate with others as change agents.

  • A commitment to the development of the reflective thinking and reflective practice that leads to continuous and ongoing professional learning.

How to apply 

As a candidate applying for the Certificate in Education programmes you should meet the following requirements:

  • Be qualified teachers;

  • Have experience in school-based teaching of at least two years;

  • Have had some experience in the relevant subject area, preferably at least one year;

  • Be fluent in English so as to follow the proceedings and interact comfortably with the professional literature in English;

  • Be able and willing to attend all sessions of the Certificate course including three-week face-to-face components;

  • Monthly seminars during field-based components;

  • Be willing to share your new knowledge and improved skills with colleagues in your school who have not attended the course.

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