Word from the Dean

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit the website of the Aga Khan University - Institute for Educational Development in East Africa (AKU-IED, EA).

I am honored to serve as the ​Dean of the Institute for Educational Development in East Africa where we have established a tradition of providing quality education that is accessible to all. Our vision is to build the capacity of educators by enriching them with competencies such as critical thinking, reflective practice, ability to foster active learning and engage in classroom-based research. We are also keen on empowering educators to approach teaching and learning with a gender equality, inclusion, and diversity lens. We have mapped ourselves across East Africa and beyond, enacting our core principles of Impact; Quality; Access and Relevance (IQRA).

Over the past 15 years, we have leveraged our expertise in providing high-quality capacity-building programs for teachers, educational leaders, institutions and other stakeholders in education. To date, our six hundred plus graduates have transformed their careers and workstations by becoming change agents aspiring to bring about positive change and transformation in their work as educators.

Our passion for research and project interventions in education has empowered us to have the thought leadership in addressing the challenges facing education systems across East Africa. Through our work, we have established strong ties with governments and private agencies across East Africa, specifically with the ministries of education, donors, and other education stakeholders. 

I invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and enriching your careers in education to either visit us online or pay us a visit here at our campus at Salama House, Upanga, Dar es Salaam.  


Prof Jane F. A. Rarieya, EdD, SFHEA​

Dean,​​ Institute for Educational Development, East Africa