​ICT Research and Development Group​

The role of information communication technology is significant in education access, process and outcomes, ​especially in large developing country settings such as in East Africa. Blended learning and other contextually relevant approaches to integration of ICT in education offer the potential of increasing access to quality education and reduce the grave inequities that are often seen, for instance, in rural and urban classrooms East Africa. ICT integrated pedagogy and blended learning has considerable potential to improve the quality of teaching and learning processes in teaching, learning and assessment in schools, classrooms and examining contexts.

Some of the activities of this group are to:

  • Design and test models of blended learning programs for teacher education and primary school education in remote and rural settings in East Africa;

  • Investigate the potential of ICT and blended learning programs in universities and institutions of higher learning;

  • Conduct workshops and seminars to support appropriate integration of technology in pedagogy in teacher education programs (e.g. use of geogebra in mathematics teaching);

  • Advise on development of ICT infrastructure for blended learning at IED EA (e.g. use of solar powered tablets and other devices in teaching);

  • Develop a program of applied research in blended learning in selected topical areas within IED EA;

  • Participate in regional and international forums to become part of a network (e.g. Distance Education Network Network)