Development Projects

‘Our nation – any nation – is as great, as good, as fine a place to live in, and as progressive, as its citizens make it. Its leadership may be good, bad, or indifferent, but if the people are awake and aware of themselves it will not for long be completely unrepresentative of the attitudes in the society. And the truth is that it is teachers more than any other single group of people who determine these attitudes, and who shape the ideas and aspirations of the nation.’
- President Julius Nyerere, “The Power of Teachers”, Morogoro Teachers College, 1966

 ​Margaret Randu Kache, a primary school teacher at Mbonga Primary School in Ganze, Kenya, completed the CertificateinEducation: Mathematics and Science through AKU-IED, EA. Having received training on how to develop cost-effective teaching aides through locally available materials, Margaret showcases a colorful abacus she created using bottle tops, cardboard and wooden sticks.


The Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development, East Africa (AKU-IED, EA) implements various donor-funded education development projects in marginalized communities within Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Our interventions strive to enhance the quality of education for boys and girls in East Africa by both raising the standards for teacher education, and strengthening the capacity of existing education systems and networks. Specifically, our interventions consist of context-specific certificate programmes and short courses that cover various topics, including school leadership and management, pedagogical leadership, ICT, gender-responsiveness, classroom-based assessment, literacy, numeracy, and materials development. Project beneficiaries include pre-primary and primary teachers as well as senior officials such as Head Teachers and District Education Officers.

Recognizing the essential role of collaboration in yielding development results, AKU-IED, EA regularly partners with domestic and regional institutions, including ministries of education, teacher-training colleges, local and district school authorities and governments across the countries in the region.

Structure: Projects Office

AKU-IED, EA consists of a Projects Office that is responsible for project development, management, donor coordination and communication and monitoring and evaluation. Officially formed in January 2014, the Projects Office works closely with AKU-IED, EA Faculty, Finance Department and Director’s Office to facilitate the successful implementation of development projects in East Africa. ​

The Projects Office consists of the following core staff:

  • Ronald Kimambo, Manager, Projects
  • Gloria Mungure, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Dua Kazimoto, Project Administrator 

Current Projects​