The AKU-IED, EA delivered a certificate programme in Educational Leadership and Management (ELM), which sought to enhance the human capital of secondary students by contributing to their readiness for post-secondary life. 

Specifically, it provided specialist training to 823 Head Teachers within Uganda to build their knowledge and further develop their skills related to school improvement and effective school management. In doing so, the project developed a national network of senior educators, advancing peer learning and existing mentoring initiatives.  

The certificate programme spanned three-months, covering eight modules: 1) relative practice 2) leadership and concept models 3) designing, monitoring and evaluation of school programmes 4) managing change 5) strategic planning 6) developing action plans 7) pedagogical leadership, and 8) managing resources. Collectively, these modules encouraged Head Teachers to critically re-conceptualize their leadership roles and responsibilities.

CELM also consisted of an integrated gender equality strategy involving activities that directly identified and addressed gender needs and concerns. For instance, this included the use of materials and illustrations that project a gender-neutral and inclusive teaching environment, and; providing consideration, and responding to, dynamics arising as a result of gender imbalances and age differences amongst beneficiaries.​

Project Outcomes

  • Strengthened leadership capacity and skills of 823 Head Teachers to manage schools efficiently and effectively;

  • Improved access to classroom-based assessment resources and tools;

  • Enhanced ability to fundraise and fulfill financial management responsibilities;

  • Improved management of public education institutions.


  • The World Bank via the Government of Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports​


  • Central region (Nakaseke)

  • Eastern region (Nyondo)

  • Western region (Bushenyi) 

  • Northern region (Gulu)


USD 484,504​

Implementing organization



April - July 2014

Lead Faculty Contact

Nicholas Wachira