Early Year's Education

The Early Years’ Education (EYE) Research Interest Group at the Institute for Educational Development,​ East Africa​ looks at several issues for young learners in the community, as they transition into the formal education system and in schools.  Research within the Early Years’ Education focuses around issues of home-school transition and knowledge-exchange, stakeholders’ perceptions and practices of literacy, classroom based assessment of learning and literacy development, and contextually relevant approaches to early childhood education and care.

Some of the activities of this group are to:

  • undertake land scaping studies to profile the provision of early years education in East Africa

  • seek national and international research grants for research into key issues in early years education

  • create networks of early years education providers in the community, in the formal education system, and among the development partners;

  • lead seminars on current issues in early years education care

  • organize a critical reading dialogue group

  • engage in evidence based policy and practice advocacy​​