We are very grateful to both our short-term and long-term partners! As it is through them, the Institute for Educational Development, East Africa (IED, EA) continues to lead new programmes, research and development projects, impacting key education leaders, including but not limited to teachers, administrators, governments education officers and policy makers to make a difference in the quality of education across East Africa. 

By working closely with our expanding portfolio of partnerships, IED, EA strives to ensure that its programmes are of high quality, are accessible, are relevant to local needs, and that they have a positive impact on the communities and societies in which IED, EA operates. It is through these partnerships that IED, EA is evolving in numerous dimensions and entering a new era in its development towards improving the quality of education in East Africa. IED’s, EA portfolio of partnerships is categorized as follows:

​​Donor Partnerships

Effective donor partnerships are crucial to the achievement of IED’s, EA mission of improving the quality of education in the East African region. Since its inception in 2007, the institute has been working closely with several donor partners who share the same and common interest in the pursuit of promoting quality education. A wide range of our long term donor partners include but are not limited to the following:

  • AWALI Group

  • Global Affairs Canada

  • Aga Khan Foundation Canada

  • Dubai Cares

  • World Bank

  • SOS, Tanzania

  • ​Porticus Africa

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID) 

  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC). 

International University Partnerships​​

Collaborative partnerships with reputable universities both at the national and international levels have been established with several universities including with their faculty members and students. Our international internship programs are designed to complement students’ education and further them along their career. We recognize that the movement of students and implementation of education interventions foster the movement of ideas, which in turn strengthens societies and enhance the quality of education. Our university partners include the following:

  • University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • University of Alberta, Canada
  • University of Calgary, Canada
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • University of Victoria, Canada

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

A Public-Private Partnership is crucial in delivering IED’s, EA services across teaching to community services. We acknowledge that we cannot work as in ivory tower hence in order to create a wider impact and a multiplier effect to the people and the communities that we serve, PPP becomes an integral tool in achieving our mission. Under these partnerships, IED, EA attempts to utilize multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary expertise to structure, implement and deliver desired educational outcomes that are of public and common interest. Our PPP partners include the following:

  • University of Dar es Salaam
  • Mzumbe University, Tanzania
  • State University of Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Open University, Tanzania
  • University of Dodoma (UDOM), Tanzania
  • Centre for Mathematics, Science, Technology Education East Africa, Kenya
  • TANFIDE- a consortium of universities and NGOs in Tanzania, Finland and Denmark who aim to improve quality of education
  • MUNI University, Uganda
  • ​Education Technology in ​Tanzania (Edtech-Hub)​

 Government Partnerships

We work closely with the government ministries of education along with government education agencies in the East African region. This helps IED, EA to not only draw participants from different countries in the region, but also to offer contextually needs-based professional development courses while implementing education interventions that are geared towards improving the quality of education in the East African region. IED, EA strongly believes that continuous and effective government partnerships through consistent communication and exchange of ideas is crucial to improve sustainable quality of education in the region. Our government partners include the following:

  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Tanzania
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Kenya
  • Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda
  • Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC), Kenya 
  • The Agency for the Development of Educational Management (ADEM), Tanzania
  • Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) 
  • Kenya Education Management Institute
  • Nachingwea Teachers College, Tanzania
  • Arua Core Primary Teachers College, Uganda
  • St. John Bosco Primary Teachers College Lodonga, Uganda
  • Shanzu Teacher's Training College Mombasa, Kenya​​