​​Teaching​ Stories​​

Teaching Story 29: Technophobia among undergraduate freshmen: a switch in assessment modality​​​​

Teaching Story 28: Exploring Ikigai; My Nursing Journey​

Teaching Story 27: Cognitive Engagement in Skill - Based Assessment​

Teaching Story 26: Using my ToolBox​

Teaching Story 25: TLEW to the RESCUE​

​Teaching Story 24: My Experience of TLEW​

​Teaching Story 23: Maximizing Students’ Engagement and Critical Reflection in Promoting Community Health​

​Teaching story 22: Virtual hands-on lab: Crossing contextual boundaries virtually​

Teaching story 21: Shifting Gears and Collaborative Teaching: Bench to Bed Module for Medical Students​

​​Teaching Story 20: My Workshop Learning into Practice ​​

Teaching Story 19: ​Planting the Seeds of Learning in our Students: Workplace-based Assessment for Residency Program​

​​Teaching Story 18: The One Minute Marvel​

Teaching Story 17: Success story: Sharing the Ps Model for virtual teaching during COVID Pandemic​​​

Teaching Story 16: Flipped Classroom Pedagogy: A contemporary step towards impactful learning​​

Teaching Story 15: Teaching Students How to Learn Through Mentorship​

Teaching Story 14: Learning The “Length Tension Relationship" Through A Flipped Laboratory Session​​

Teaching Story 13: Developing Discipline-Specific Vocabulary using Word Clouds, in Oncology Nursing 

Teaching Story 12: Field trips are where theory comes alive ​

Teaching Story 11: How Attending a Teaching and Learning WorkshopTransformed my Approach in the Classroom​

Teaching Story 10: Classrooms of Care: Connecting with Students in an Oncology Nursing Diploma Programme​

​Teaching Story 9: Reflections from a "master" teacher: It's never too late to learn​​

Teaching Story 8: ​Teaching through Case Study Method using Toulmin's Model of Argumentation​​​

Teaching Story 7: ​​​Mock Drill: Simulator Mediated Activity for Resuscitation Training (SMART)​​​

Teaching Story 6: Evoking a rhythm for learning in Health ​and Development ​​

Teaching Story 5: Game-based learning: using technology to enhance active learning in a health assessment course​​​

Teaching Story 4: A Blend​ed Learning Approach to Teaching Project Management

Teaching Story 3: ​Use of Active Illustration in Patient Education​

Teaching Story 2: Patients at the Heart of Teaching

Teaching Story 1: The Pedagogy of Service Learning​

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