The AKU-wide Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning, set up by the Provost in 2013, aim to support excellence in our academic programmes to ensure a strong student learning experience that enables AKU graduates to meet their programme learning outcomes.

Across the world faculty come to universities with their PhDs and content expertise, but often without any teaching qualifications yet are expected to teach. This is no different at AKU. However, we know that the way faculty members teach makes a difference in how much students learn. We also know that faculty require an enabling environment and support to promote an engaging learning experience for their students. In safe, inclusive spaces, QAI_net and TL_net offer a range of services, resources and programmes to faculty and entities on teaching excellence, scholarship and programme reviews.​​​

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Essentials of Online Course Design and Facilitation
Self Learning Manual" has been ​developed in response to the accelerated use of online teaching and learning modalities at AKU and worldwide.

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