​​QTL_net Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guidance

​Strategy for Supporting Faculty & Teaching Staff

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In response to the continuous disruptions caused by generative AI tools in academia, the Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning (QTL_net) has developed a startegy to support faculty and teaching staff in using AI. The strategy includes faculty development through the "AI in Education Playground" (AIEP) sessions, curriculum reviews, and the promotion of outcome-based education to address concerns regarding the impact of AI on higher education.  Furthermore, QTL_net will support faculty members in research and innovation endeavors.

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Faculty support for Use of AI_QTL_strategy.pdf

​​Guideline for Faculty and Teaching Assis​​tants​​

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The Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning (QTL_net) has created a comprehensive set of guidelines for educators to harness the power of AI tools in their teaching practices while also being mindful of their limitations. The guidelines cover crucial factors to consider, potential avenues for learning, and supportive resources to facilitate the integration of AI tools in the classroom

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AI Guide-May_2023.pdf

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