AKU Academic Quality Framework: Policy and Procedures​​: The AKU Academic Quality Framework describes the quality assurance procedures designed to align with AKU's principles. The procedures include periodic programme review, includig self-assessment and external peer review, and annual self-monitoring. ​

Strategic Plan 2020-2025 for the Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning: The Strategic Plan for QTL_net is a 5 year plan that the QTL team has envisioned for themselves. It consists of an overall mission and vision for the network as well as each team's goals, objectives and an operational plan. 

AKU Teaching and Learning Framework​: The Teaching and Learning framework establishes a shared understanding of what AKU considers excellence in teaching and engaged pedagogy.​ It replaces the AKU Policy on Teaching and Learning (2004).

Rapid Online and Remote Courses Readiness Policy and Procedures​​: This policy reinforces procedures for online or remote readiness in order to ensure that teaching meets the AKU principles of Quality, Relevance and Access for a strong student learning experience.

External Policies

​UK Professional Standards Framework(UKPSF)​: This Professional Standards Framworks is an important resources for those interested in applying for the HEA Fellowships either through AKU's TEACH CPD Scheme or directly throught Advance HE (UK).