TEACH is the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Scheme formally accredited by Advance HE (UK). It stands for Teaching Enhancement Accredited Certification of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Designed and led by the Network of Teaching and Learning (TL_net), TEACH will enable AKU to award the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship and Associate Fellowship to its faculty and staff involved in faculty development. 

Background to the Advance HE (UK)

Formerly known as the Higher Education Academy (HEA) which was launched in 2006, Advance HE’s mission is to improve learning by raising the quality and status of teaching in higher education. Advance HE works with higher education providers and organizations to improve the professional experience of Higher Education teachers through accreditation of educational development provision and professional recognition of teaching practice through Fellowships benchmarked against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).  The UKPSF is the only national framework in the world dedicated to supporting the development of teaching and learning staff in higher education. Upon achieving accreditation, subscribing institutions are granted the authority to award HEA Fellowships to eligible staff in recognition of their continuing success in teaching and supporting learning. Professional recognition programmes serve as an international benchmark for teaching excellence. Accreditation reflects achievement and commitment to teaching and learning and is a sign of quality for students, teachers and staff supporting faculty development. 

Whilst all UK Universities are subscribers to Advance HE, it has strategic partnerships with Higher Education Institutions in 15 other countries. AKU is Advance HE’s first strategic partner in the developing world. Although the AKU TEACH CPD scheme invites voluntary participation of the faculty, many UK and international institutions are aiming towards 100% of their staff gaining HEA Fellowship in recognition of their teaching standards. Currently there are around 100,000 HEA fellows in over 80 countries around the world. This includes a pool of 12 AKU faculty and staff involved with faculty development who will run the TEACH peer-led scheme to mentor and assess other faculty to gain HEA Fellowship.

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Benefits of Fellowship

HEA Fellowship gives AKU faculty members and staff supporting faculty development the opportunity to demonstrate a personal commitment to professionalism in teaching a​nd learning in higher education and gain recognition of their impact of teaching and learning by benchmarking their practice against the UKPSF. By applying to become a Fellow or Associate Fellow you will have the opportunity to:

  • Think deeply about and thereby enhance the quality and effectiveness of your work in the area of teaching and supporting learning in higher education.

  • Gain international recognition for your role as a teacher and/or staff supporting faculty development activities within the higher education context. 

  • In gaining recognition, you will be entitled to use the respective post-nominal letters (AFHEA, FHEA) as a recognized qualification of your professional practice in teaching in higher education.

  • As a Fellow (FHEA) if you are a faculty member you will be entitled to apply for membership of a soon to be established AKU Teachers Academy if you are interested in education leadership, peer-mentoring other faculty to gain Fellowship and being an educational developer to support the Network of Teaching and Learning (TL_net).

  • Overview of the TEACH CPD Scheme

Overview of TEACH  CPD Scheme

TEACH is a CPD scheme that is flexible to suit your own professional and disciplinary focus and allows for a reflective Account of your Professional Practice (APP), whether you are a new or a more experienced faculty member or a staff member supporting faculty development. It also provides you the opportunity to assess your impact on student learning through your engagement in a wide range of professional educational development opportunities both within TL_net as well as other avenues at AKU (including DED; IED; CIME; ELE_net) or indeed externally. It also features a range of services through TL_net taught workshops, seminars and support programs for AKU faculty aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in order to provide individuals involved with teaching and faculty development an opportunity to meet the relevant Descriptor criteria to seek the Associate/Fellowship award. A cascade of TL_net flagship workshops include:

  • The Teaching and Learning Enhancement Workshop (TLEW): a 3 day Canadian certified instructional skills course, offered annually in Karachi and alternate years in East Africa: compulsory for all faculty and those involved with faculty development and the only prerequisite to applying for Associate Fellowship and Fellowship.

  • The Rethinking Teaching (RTT) Workshop: a 4 day course redesign workshop, offered annually in Karachi and biennially in East Africa, that enables courses to be concept and competency driven with teaching and assessment strategies that are aligned to clearly defined learning outcomes.

  • The Faculty Development Program in Blended Learning (BLFDP): a nine month commitment of a day a week, converting a face to face course into blended mode, offered once every two years for those who have completed the RTT.

  • A variety of Teaching with Technology workshops: for use of a virtual learning environment and flipped learning, offered at the entity level and across the university.

In addition, seminars on various aspects of teaching and learning are offered throughout the year. Support and mentoring are also offered through communities of practice which include Teaching Squares, Teaching Pairs, one-to-one consulting support, annual SoTL grants and biennial SoTL Conferences. 

For more information about TEACH, read the Participant Handbook​.​

The HEA Fellowship Application Process in a Nutshell ​

​The pr​​​erequisite for starting the Fellowship process, for faculty and those suppo​rting faculty development, is participating in the compulsory Teaching and Learning Enhancement Workshop (TLEW). After this, the process involves the following:
  • Attend a 2 hour TEACH Introductory Seminar to learn about the Fellowships, the TEACH CPD Scheme and the application process. Introductory face-to-face and online seminars are held twice a year (usually in March and September).

  • Complete the Express​ion of Interest (EoI) for, available on the TEACH Portal. This form serves to ensure your eligibility, guide you on the relevant category of Fellowship, and inform TL_net staff that you are preparing an application for the HEA Fellowship so they can set up the various sup​​port structures (Writing Workshop and Mentoring). 

  • Once your submitted EoI has been approved for processing (within 4 weeks) you will be invited to attend the relevant TEACH Fellowship Application Writing Workshop. Day-long Writing Workshops are held twice a year (usually in May and November).

  • Thereafter you are encouraged to submit your application within 4 months. This will be after receiving feedback once on your draft application from a Mentor, within one month of submission to them. Guidance for applicants for AFHEA and FHEA can be found in Appendix 2A & 2B.

  • Submit your application to the TEACH Portal. You will receive an acknowledgement email when your application is received. You will hear the outcome from the Review by peer HEA Fellow Assessors within 16 weeks (4 months). 

  • If you are successful based on the Assessment and External Moderation that verifies that you have met the required criteria of the UKPSF, you will be awarded the relevant category of Fellowship (FHEA/AFHEA). 

  • When evidence is insufficient, you will be provided feedback from the Assessors and will be referred and asked to re-submit the application within 2 months after addressing the concerns raised by the Assessors. If you miss the deadline, you will need to re-apply after 12 month with a fresh application.

  • After resubmitting the application the Assessors will review your application again. You will hear the outcome within 12 weeks. If you have addressed all the concerns and are successful you will be awarded the relevant category of Fellowship. If not you will have an opportunity to reapply by submitting a fresh application after 12 months, to give you time to gain the relevant experience and educational development to meet the standards set.  Please note that appeals will not be entertained.

Flow-chart of the application process with timelines​