TEACH is the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Scheme formally accredited by Advance HE (UK). It stands for Teaching Enhancement Accredited Certification of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). Through TEACH, AKU can award Associate Fellowship (AFHEA) and Fellowship (FHEA)​ to its faculty and those supporting faculty development, who benchmark their teaching practice against the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for teaching and learning in Higher Education (HE).  

For more information about TEACH, read the Participant Handbook​.​

Background to the Advance HE (UK)

Form​erly known as the Higher Education Academy (HEA) which was launched in 2006, Advance HE's mission is to improve learning by raising the quality and status of teaching in higher education. Advance HE works with higher education providers and organizations to improve the professional experience of Higher Education teachers through the accreditation of educational development provision and professional recognition of teaching practice through Fellowships benchmarked against the UKPSF.  The UKPSF is the only national framework in the world dedicated to supporting the development of teaching and learning staff in higher education. 

Whilst all UK Universities are subscribers to Advance HE, it has strategic partnerships with Higher Education Institutions in 23 other countries. AKU was the first University in South Asia and East Africa to gain accreditation by Advance HE (UK). Although the AKU TEACH CPD scheme invites voluntary participation of the faculty; several UK and international institutions are aiming towards 100% of their staff gaining HEA Fellowship in recognition of their teaching standards. 

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Benefits of Fellowship

By applying to become a Fellow or Associate Fellow, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage yourself in reflective and scholarly teaching practice.

  • Gain international recognition for your role as a teacher and/or staff supporting faculty development activities within the higher education context. 

  • Be entitled to use the respective post-nominal letters (AFHEA, FHEA) as a recognized qualification of your professional practice in teaching in higher education.

  • Use this experience to demonstrate teaching effectiveness in applying for membership to the newly established AKU Teachers Academy.

  • Become critical friends and assessors to other faculty members and staff supporting faculty development to gain fellowship and support QTL_net activities.

​HEA Fellows at AKU

​Currently, there are around 143,250 HEA fellows in over 83 countries around the world. This includes a pool of 45 AKU faculty and staff involved with faculty development who run the TEACH peer-led scheme to mentor and assess other faculty to gain HEA Fellowship. This group includes Associate Fellows (7), Fellows (29), Senior Fellows (8), and Principal Fellow (1).


​Who should apply?

You must have completed the following in order to proceed with your Fellowship application through TEACH CPD Scheme.

  1. Attend Teaching and Learning Enhancement Workshop (TLEW) offered by QTL_net annually in Pakistan and biennially in East Africa.
  2. Attend TEACH Webinars offered twice a year in the months of March and September.
Please contact us at teach.tlnet@aku.edu for further details.

To know about our upcoming events, please visit our website: https://www.aku.edu/qtl

Watch this video by the pioneer members of AKU Fellows explaining about the TEACH and benefits of gaining this Fellowship.