Programme Review​​ at AKU

A Road map to Quality: Handbook for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, 
Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA):

Volume 1: Guidelines for Self Assessment at Program Level

Volume 2: Guidelines for External Assessment at Program Level

Volume 3: Guidelines for​ Self Assessment at Institutional Level

Volume 4: Implementation of a Quality Assurance System​​​

​Best Practice Guide for Institutional Review​

Creating an Effective Self-Study for Institutional Review

Programme Review Process:

Guidance Sheet for Periodic​ Programme​ Review​

Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Process:​

What Constitutes a Complete SAR​

SAR Report Format

Peer-Assessment Report (PAR) Process:

Qualifications for External Peer Reviewers

Self-Monitoring of Revised Improvement Plan:​

Annual Monitoring and Revised Improvement plan template​​

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)


​Online Teaching and Learning during COVID-19

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Review Resources