​Climate Change, Environment, and Health​

Climate change is one of the significant global challenges facing our planet. It is affecting every country on every continent. There have been alarming changes in global temperature, air quality, food security and nutrition, clean water, and ​prevalence and transmission of infectious diseases. 

However, climate change does not impact every individual or every country equally, and so widens the inequality gap within and across countires, between rich and poor, men and women, and current and future generations. The most vulnerable groups include newborn and infants, adolescents, and women in the low- and middle-income countries and conflict areas. Therefore, climate justice ​is an extremely important priority on the Agenda 2030. 

The Institute is diligently working on urgent and proactive approach towards mitigation and adaptation strategy and mobilising scholars, policy advisors, and think tanks in various low- and middle-income countries for a sustainable future roadmap.  ​​

​On-going Research

IGHD has undertaken crucial research initiatives in the area of climate change, environment, and Global Health that are contributing immensely to improve​ wellbeing and quality of life of the people in Pakistan. Find these highlighted below:​