​Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goal #3 focuses on good health and well-being. This goal targets improvements in maternal, newborn and child health. It tackles crippling epidemics like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and hepatitis. It promotes universal health coverage and strengthening of health systems to support greater access to higher quality of care. SDG #3 sets 2030 as the timeline for meeting targets​.

Strides forward have been slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic which has created large cracks in global healthcare systems. The Institute's activities will leverage AKU's capacities to help draw together stakeholders to address these enorous challenges.

AKU's Contribution to Research on SDGs

A research paper written by AKU's own researchers, Anil Khamis and Peter Gatiti, provides an in-depth analysis of the AKU's research history related to SDGs. ​​AKU published 3,854 research articles on the SDGs, 1,971 of which related to SDG#3 that focuses on good health and well-being. To learn more, access the paper below:

Khamis and Gatiti (2019) A bibliometric analysis of the Aga Khan University contribution to SDGs Springer docx.pdf

Recent Work: Newborn Health and Survival in Kyrgyzstan

This is an in-depth and unprecedented study conducted in the region supported by the Government ​of Kyrgyz Republic on Newborn Health and Survival in Kyrgyzstan. AKU researchers include Zulfiqar Bhutta and Arjumand Rizvi. 

Reports are linked below:

1. Trends and determinants of newborn mortality in Kyrgyzstan: a Countdown country case study ​​

2. ​Improving maternal and newborn health in Kyrgyzstan ​

​Sample publications involving AKU researchers include​:​​​

Additional Resources:


The United Nations created a film to mark the 5-year anniversary of adopting the SDGs. In this video, goals are highlighted and prioritized, especially in light of recent events such as COVID-19.