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​Enhancing Heat Adaptation and Reduction for Vulnerable Populations​


The Principal Investigator for this project is the Distinguished University Professor & Founding Director of the Institute for Global Health and Development at Aga Khan University, Dr. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta. Assisting in this endeavor is the Co-Principal Investigator, Dr. Jai Das, who holds the position of Assistant Director at the Institute for Global Health and Development.


The escalating impact of anthropogenic climate change has led to a surge in extreme heat events, posing considerable challenges, especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). This project, supported by the Wellcome Trust and implemented by the Institute for Global Health and Development, addresses the impact of heat shocks on vulnerable populations in urban and rural settings of an LMIC. South Asia, including Pakistan, is highly susceptible, with devastating heat waves occurring more frequently. This study aims to develop tailored heat-adaptation and heat reduction interventions to mitigate health risks.

Project Objectives:

The project aims to develop locally suitable and acceptable interventions for heat adaptation and reduction. Through systematic reviews, formative research, and a population-based cluster randomized trial, effective strategies will be identified. The study sites include Karachi and District Matiari in Sindh.

Major Components of the Study:

  • ​Systematic Review and Gap Map: Evaluate and synthesize evidence from participatory community-based interventions.

  • Formative Research: Conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions to develop feasible interventions, involving key stakeholders such as policymakers, government officials, and community members.

  • Population-based Cluster Randomized Trial: Evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of heat-adaptation and heat reduction interventions, including participatory advocacy, behavior change, and incentivized structural interventions at the community level.​​

Supported By/Associated Grant:

This project is supported by the fu​nding provided by ​Wellcome Trust.


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