​Gender, Equity and Empowerment

Gender inequality is shaped by cultural, social, and economic factors. Both men and women face the negative consequences of some of these factors, but the marginalization of girls and women makes them more vulnerable to certain risks. Sexism and gender discrimination influence access to resources and opportunities that influence all aspects of life, especially health. This thematic area is dedicated to exploring the role of gender and its influence on healthcare and health outcomes. Methods to address these challenges will also be explored to better inform policy makers, activists, and leaders on how to mitigate gender inequities and address these challenges.​

Research Highlights

​These are examples of publications involving AKU's faculty, highlighting a range of expertise:​


​Additional Resources​​​

​Marleen Temmerman, Director at the Centre for Women and Child Health, is an advocate for the rights of women and children. In addition to her academic work, she has worked in collaboration with organizations such as the UN, the European Union, the African Union, and more. In this video, she discusses some of the health consequences of ine​quality experienced by women and children.