Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition​

​Agriculture, food security, and nutrition are interlinked elements contributing to human health. Yet a multitude of factors, such as globalization, urbanization, and climate change, are threatening to erase past gains and prevent the achievement of vital global health goals. In 2019, around 690 million people suffered from hunger due to high costs and lack of affordability (UNICEF, 2020). In addition to the lack of resources, poor populations and developing countries have also seen a rise in non-communicable diseases and obesity due to poor food quality, lack of affordable and accessible food, and other factors. This thematic area considers the far-reaching and complex ecosystems of food production and distribution and the consequences of inattention to societal, familial and individual conditions informing food and nutritional options.  ​

Research Highlights

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​​Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta's research interests include maternal and child undernutrition, early childhood development, and micronutrient deficiencies​.