​​​Opportunities: Learn and Collaborate​

The Institute welcomes expressions of interest for collaborating ​and learning, including research fellowships, internships, and ​research programmes. ​

For Students

The Institute is dedicated to providing learning opportunities to students who are committed to exploring research career in the Institute's thematic areas, i.e. climate change and its impacts on health, nutrition and food security, maternal and child health, gender equality, and health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Institute encourages students to share their interest in learning opportunities, including our structured internship programme. Write to us at: ighd@aku.edu​

​For Faculty Members

The Institute invites expressions of interest from faculty members within and outside the AKU for cross appointment as Associate faculty. Associate faculty appointments enable the Institute to align and augment the depth and breadth of expertise for research activities through agreements lasting for a specific length of time and with agreed terms of reference.

Internal appointments involve a nomination and vetting process, and must include the support of the Institute's Director and the Dean of the home entity at AKU. Cross appointments from external institutions are possible, with the process involving an assessment of potential conflict of interest and a commitment of adherence to AKU's Human Resources and other policies. 

The Institute reviews all expressions of interest once every year. You may submit yours anytime here. ​​​

​For Local, Regional, and Global Partners

Over the past few years of the Institute's existince, it has partnered with some of the prestigious local, regional, and global institutions having a similar mission as that of the AKU's and IGHD's. We value such partnerships with research, academic, and health institutions from around the world to strengthen impact and quality of work. IGHD engages to leverage everyone's strengths to form large scale initiatives and tackle some of world's greatest global health challenges.​

​If you are interested to partner with us, write to us at: ighd@aku.edu​.​​​