​Opportunities for Students

The Institute is dedicated to creating opportunities for students both inside and outside of the AKU network. For AKU students, opportunities will be made available to actively participate in different aspects of the Institute’s work and contribute their thoughts and ideas. In addition, educational opportunities and programmes will be made available both online and in-person.​​

Opportunities for Faculty Members

​AKU faculty members play a pivotal role in all of our research and projects. All faculty members can get involved in our work in whatever capacity they wish to do so depending on the nature of the project. Others who want to be more consistently involved can serve as Associate Faculty members. 

To learn more about becoming Associate Faculty, please click here​

Opportunities for Government Officials

One of the purposes of the Institute's work is to support government officials and policymakers in advancing the well-being and quality of life of its people. We do not only provide advocacy, but also strive to make pertinent data and information available to guide a well-informed policy framework.

Opportunities for Global Partners

The Institute is involved in producing high-quality work related to global health and climate change, gender equality, agriculture, food security and nutrition, sustainable development goals, and more. We value global partnerships that allow all stakeholders to maximize available resources and strengthen the impact and value of our work. IGHD engages to leverage everyone's strengths to form large scale initiatives and tackle some of world's greatest global health challenges today.​

Write to Us​

​If you are interested to partner with us, write to us at ighd@aku.edu​.​

Other Opportunities

The Earthshot Prize​

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) announced its partnership with His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, global philanthropic leaders and other organizations to launch The Earthshot Prize​. The Prize will encourage new solutions to environmental challenges by awarding five one-million pound prizes each year to individuals and organizations that develop innovative approaches to fixing the climate, cleaning the air, protecting and restoring nature, reviving oceans, and building a waste-free world. For more information on this partnership, click here​.​​​