​About the Institute

The Institute for Global Health and Development is an interdisciplinary, research-intensive initiative of the Aga Khan University dedicated to addressing major global health and development challenges. Our mission is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Through partnerships with sister agencies in the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and beyond, we advance AKU's health sciences leadership in LMICs of South Central   Asia and East Africa, developing cross-sectoral solutions and coordinated programs to overcome growing health and health-related challenges.

What We Do

The Institute for Global Health and Development (IGHD) builds on Aga Khan University's existing strengths in health sciences. Having the aim to be the region's best research institution in global health and development, it is focused on innovating and implementing effective solutions for some of the world's pressing health and development challenges, particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

To mobilize this ambitious effort, the Institute partners with scientists, academicians, and institutions worldwide. The growing research portfolio of the Institute is broadly focused on mitigating health inequities and addressing the uneven impacts of natural disasters, violence, conflict, and other health crises on marginalized communities in LMICs.

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Where We Work

One of the greatest strengths of the Institute for Global Health and Development is its connectivity with the University.

AKU offers academic programs and conducts leading research in South-central Asia, East Africa, and the U.K. In addition, the Institute works closely with the University's sister agencies across the Aga Khan Development Network and the world's leading research, education, and health institutions. This gateway to such resources and opportunities offers an unparalleled platform for constructive and coordinated research, development investments, and forward action.


AKDN Structure

The Institute for Global Health and Development is an entity that operates within the Aga Khan University, which is part of the AKDN. Within AKU, the Institute partners with all university entities, including different faculties and schools, academic departments, and research groups. Additionally, the Institute collaborates with other institutions in the AKDN, such as the University of Central Asia, Aga Khan Education Services, and Aga Khan Health Services.


Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: To lead action-focused research and uplift the health and development in the communities of Asia and Africa.

Mission: We are committed to developing human capacities through knowledge discovery, dissemination, and application in service. To achieve our mission, IGHD will:

  • Offer internationally renowned programs
  • Respond to identified needs in the countries and regions we serve
  • Prioritize teaching and research to drive intellectual innovation and change
  • Provide service to advance our educational and research mandate
  • Foster leadership capacity through our education and research programs
  • Assess our impact and effectiveness
  • Promote access and equity by ensuring inclusivity for all socio-economic groups and addressing the needs of disadvantaged populations, while advancing the welfare and empowerment of women
  • Engage in knowledge networking and emerging technologies
  • Add value by promoting partnerships and networking across AKDN and with other national and international institutions

Values: Inspired by Islamic ethics, humanistic ideals, and the philosophy of AKDN, we uphold values such as intellectual freedom, distinction in scholarship, pluralism, compassion, and humanity's collective responsibility for a sustainable physical, social, and cultural environment. Our aspirations remain focused on impact, quality, relevance, and access to serve our communities regardless of financial and geographic barriers.