What do the external reviewers have to say about our MPhil programme?


I would say that the programme is both suitable to international standards and compatible with them. Perhaps it is more demanding in some respects, particularly with regard to course work."

Dr Barbara Jaworski
Member - I​nternation​​​al PhD Advisory Board AKU-IED
Head​ of the MEC, Professor of Mathematics Education
Loughborough University,​​ UK


“The MPhil programme sets out to cultivate local research and policy-making capacity in Pakistan and the broader South Asia region. It thus fills a dire need for an indigenous MPhil programme, which is highly commendable and absolutely critical for the successful development of higher education and education policy-making in Pakistan.”

Dr Iveta Silov
Associate Professor
Programme Director, Comparative and International Education
College of Education, Leigh University, USA


“It was a pleasure to read the scholarly and professionally prepared programme document. The scheme of studies is in accordance with the HEC Guidelines with reference to the credit hours and the duration of the programmes, entry qualification, thesis evaluation and open defense etc."

Dr ​Munawar Mirza
UNESCO Comenius Medal, 2004
Chair, National Accreditation Council of Teacher Education
HEC, Islamabad