​May 2, 2019​

Dr Dilshad Ashraf appointed as Head of Graduate Programmes 

We are pleased to welcome Dr Dilshad Ashraf, a graduate of our MEd programme Class of 1998, as the Head of Graduate programmes at AKU-IED. She has been associated with the Institute since 1998 and has served in various academic roles. Besides teaching on graduate programmes, Dr Dilshad​ has led the Research and Policy Studies Unit at IED. She has led various research studies which have not only highlighted challenges related to education in Pakistan but have contributed in policy making and education reforms. 

One of her recent research projects examined the efficacy of curriculum and material for quality teaching and learning in non-formal basic education centres established in underprivileged communities in Karachi. Funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency' the project is part of the initiative to support the Non-formal Education system in Pakistan. In collaboration with the Government of Sindh's Directorate of Literacy and Non-Formal Education' the project focuses on curriculum designed for disadvantaged, overage out of children girls and boys who have missed out school due to poverty, marginalization, conflict, crisis or other socio-religious factors.

The intervention-based research has contributed in developing teachers' teaching and learning capacity and enhancing skills especially in material development, assessment, time management, record keeping and instructional practices. ​​