AKU-IED and The Maple Advisory Group Blog Series

We are pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration: The AKU-IED & The Maple Advisory Group Blog Series.

If you've ever wanted to reach a broad and diverse audience through penning your perspectives, this opportunity is for you. Both Maple Advisory and AKU-IED are organisations committed to the pursuit of educational excellence, prioritising inclusivity and diversity of thought.

This Blog Series will focus on publishing reflective essays, opinion pieces and comments on current issues, all rooted in evidence, with a  particular focus on contemporary trends, especially those relevant for developing countries.

We are currently seeking the following types of entries:

1. Essay-length entries: These entries can be engaged with as a treatise, reflection or lived experience on the selected topic. You can choose from:

  • Should children be taught philosophy?
  • The importance of childrens online safety and digital rights in today's world

2. Response and rebuttal entries: Shorter pieces (500 words minimum) where individuals associated with AKU-IED and TMAG will ha​​​ve a dialogue on a particular topic. Please choose from:

  • Do schools, as they are, work?
  • Does the hidden curriculum exist?​​​