Write for the AKU-IED blog

What We’re Looking For:

​The AKU-IED blog has an embracive stance towards well-informed writings which can provoke thought, enrich understanding and/or galvanise thinking on educational matters, on innovative ways of being.

We welcome research-oriented pieces, reflective essays or opinion pieces as well as comments on current issues.

We're particularly interested in entries on contemporary trends and issues in education in Pakistan, broader South Asian context and regions where the AKDN has a presence.

Submission Guidelines:

​• Submissions should be within 900-1100 words.

​​• By submitting, you are acknowledging that you are the author and it is your original work.

• Please email submissions to blog.ied@aku.edu​ with the subject 'AKU-IED blog Submission: Title'.

• Entries should be in .docx format and be formatted in Times New Roman, size 12 and double-spaced

• If using references, they must be cited according to APA 7th edition. For a reference, consult here​.

• With your contribution, please submit a short bio and a photo of yourself.​

Below are some considerations that you can keep in mind while drafting your piece:

1. Keep your audience in mind. Aim for accessibility and clarity as the AKU-IED blog caters to a diverse audience.

2. Limit your use of academic terminology. Whenever terminology is used, provide explanations so the text remains accessible to both a specialist and general audience.

3. The article should have a central message that comes across clearly.

4. Try and tell a complete story through your writing.​

5. A simple and conversational style will help to make your text accessible.

All submissions will be acknowledged. Once the submissions have undergone a review, a notification will be sent as to their acceptance status.

The submissions will be expected to of a publishable quality; but in some exceptional circumstances, work may be accepted if it has the potential to be publishable. In such cases, some feedback may be provided on how the work can be improved and made publication-​​worthy.

All submissions will go through an editing process and editors will use their discretion to make required language-related revisions. By submitting, you are signalling your acceptance of the editing process.