​My learning experience during COVID-19: Successes and Challenges​

Online Art Competition​ 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and has had a significant impact on and how students learn in the new normal. All children are artists (Pablo Picasso) and are naturally drawn to a visual representation of the daily events of their lives. 

We invited children to express themselves visually and show us what their learning experiences (successes/challenges) have been during the COVID-19 pandemic and they did with an overwhelming response.

We extend our​ sincere gratitude to our panel of judges comprising: Ms. Amber Nagori, Ms. Yasmeen Mirza, Ms. Leanne Coelho, Mr. Bradley D’Cruze, Ms. Nehal Yasin and Ms. Romila Kareem for taking the time out to evaluate the entries received, and pick our winners. ​


WINNER: Anabiya Javai​d

​Category: 3-5 years​

Title: My success during COVID-19​​
Description: We follow all the rules for getting safe from this virus and we will win.

RUNNER-UP: Rgyalmo Noor Fatima

Category: 3-5 years​

Description: My learning during COVID-19 challenges & success 

WINNER: Abtahi Ahmed​

​Category: 6-12 years​

Title: Difficulty during online class
Description: It was very challenging for me to attend online classes.

RUNNER-UP: Inara Faisal

​Category: 6-12 years​

Title: My learning experience during COVID-19​
Description: I have expressed some of my experiences that I have learnt during COVID-19 pandemic.​


​WINNER: Emad Kareem

Category: 13-17 years

Title: Earth Healing

Description: Through the misery of the pandemic, it dawned upon me how nature must have been suffering from our careless actions and ultimately made me realize that the world needed this time to recover, just how after every autumn there is spring our lives will also bloom again. The ordinary things that we used to overlook, have become the very means of salvation for me, be it the sight of a humming bird or the flowers in my garden.​

Explore all entries in ​the virtual art galleries below:​​

​RUNNER-UP: Nosheen Akhter

Category: 13-17 years

Title: Lock​down and families

Description: Families are like fudge mostly sweet with a few nuts but during lockdown all were disturbed. No physical classes. No school days. Students were disturbed.