​​Virtual Learning Environment 

A VLE provides teachers the chance to enhance learning experiences by offering greater flexibility, interactivity and engagement through digital presence in courses (Chung & Ackerman, 2015). UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) defines VLE as “a collection of integrated tools enabling the management of online learning, providing a delivery mechanism, student tracking, assessment and access to resources” . VLEs often include a Learning Management System (LMS) in addition to other digital tools for teaching and learning.​

A Learning management system (LMS), such as Moodle, can enable AKU faculty members to share teaching content and provide learners with new engaging and collaborative tools to facilitate their learning and to accommodate a wider range of learning styles. AKU has been using Moodle since 2008. Approximately 170 faculty members have used Moodle successfully and approximately 400 course sites exist. Faculty members have also conducted research studies on the effectiveness of Moodle at AKU. Through the Blended Learning pilot project, the use of Moodle became an integral part of all courses offered through blended approaches. As well, faculty members in various academic entities use Moodle as a part of flipped learning strategy. 

In early 2016, School of Nursing and Midwifery (SONAM) East Africa adopted Moodle in face-to-face teaching to enable faculty members to carry out tasks such as, share course information, assessment details and place announcements. During the evaluation, faculty and students indicated:

  • Consistency in course delivery and communication of expectations.

  • Course information readily available as a reference and a reminder of mutual expectations.

  • Anytime access to course information and assessment details for faculty and students.

  • Secure and paperless record keeping of teaching and learning resources.

Based on the successful application of Moodle at ANS East Africa, a directive was issued by the Interim Provost of the University to adopt Moodle as a learning management system for every course across AKU.

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​Azra Naseem - Associate Director-Networks of Blended  and Digital Learning (BDL)

Khurram Iqbal - Specialist, Network of Blended and Digital Learning

Edward Misava - Associate, Digital Teaching and Learning 

Abeer Hammadi - Associate – Network of Blended and Digital Learning ​