Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Conference 

The Network of Teaching and Learning hosts a biennial conference on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). This provides a platform for conversations and collaborations on SoTL across AKU, raising the profile of teaching and learning at AKU by bringing together AKU faculty, faculty developers, and those interested in SoTL within AKDN and AKU partners. It aims to create a shared understanding of engaged learning and teaching at AKU using the AKU Teaching and Learning Framework, and to identify and acknowledge examples of SoTL. The objectives of the conference are to celebrate teaching and learning, to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning, foster communities of practice and enquiry around teaching and learning and to communicate the role of TL_net in defining, supporting and enhancing quality of teaching and learning at AKU. Keynote addresses at SoTL conferences have focused on evidence-based teaching, critical thinking in teaching, technology-enhanced student learning and social-justice in teaching and learning. In total, 57 papers and 26 posters have been presented by faculty members, students and staff supporting teaching and learning. In addition, 21 workshops have been conducted during previous conferences, enabling faculty to get a hands-on approach to teaching and learning. These conferences have been appreciated by faculty for the papers, posters and workshops offered which bring together new ideas, approaches and knowledge on teaching and learning.

2015 Conference

The first conference was held in August 2015, and was titled 'Engaged Teaching for Engaged learning.' Keynotes were presented by esteemed professors from international universities including Professor Arshad Ahmed (former Vice President Teaching and Learning at Mc Master's Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning) and Professor Janet Welch (Assistant Dean and Executive Director, Academic Technologies, University of Alberta). The conference was opened by Dr. Greg Moran (former Provost, Aga Khan University), and was attended by 150 participants.

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2017 Conference

The second conference was held in October 2017 and was titled 'Active Learning in Higher Education.' Keynotes were Professor Geraldine Van Gyn (retired professor from the Faculty of Education, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) and Late Professor Brenda Leibowitz (former Chair of Teaching and Learning in the Education Faculty at the University of Johannesburg).  The conference was opened by Dr. Haile Debas (Chair of Board of Trustees, Aga Khan University, and was attended by 120 participants. Post 2017's SOTL conference, 10 full papers and 2 reflective pieces which were presented in the SOTL conference were submitted for review in the journal 'SOTL in the South'.

2019 Conference

The third conference was held on 27-28 November 2019 and was titled 'Evidencing Teaching Practices for Effective Learning in Higher Education.' Keynotes were Professor Debra Dawson (Western University, Canada) and Professor Mike Atkinson (Western University, Canada). For more information, visit the SoTL Conference page​. 

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